Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Schreiner's visit Columbus!

A few weeks ago the Schreiner's (Tanna, Emma and Jack) stopped in Columbus on their way up to New Riegel to have dinner and stop by Sonya and Chris's new house and the Clouse house. We had dinner at Cap City and then hung out at our house. I realized once the kids got there that we don't have many toys for children, so we had to scrape up a few random toys, like the exercise ball, laundry shoot (bunny hole :) ) and an old barn and house that Tim built in High School. We also got into my shoe closet and walked around in some high heels. It was a lot fun hanging out together!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tim had some time off....

Tim recently had a little break between jobs at work, so he took off almost 2 weeks and worked hard to complete several projects around the house. He decided to put in a small 12 x 12 building in the back yard to help out our poor garage. We are currently trying to store lawn mowers, bikes, tools, etc in the garage and there is no room for a car or truck. So, this was on the top of Tim's home improvement list. It looks great and we are finally able to fit a his truck in the garage!

During the rainy days when he wasn't working outside, Tim decided to also replace the bath tub/shower in our one and only bathroom. The previous shower had very old, small tile on the walls, a cast iron tub, and glass doors. We opted for a new shower/tub combo with no glass door. Tim had to replace some dry wall, so we have also decided to paint the walls a new color. Here is the old and new bathroom!

Dad's 50th Birthday Party

Last Tuesday was my dad's 50th birthday. I know, he finally hit a milestone so of course we had to celebrate. So we invited him down to Tim and I's house for a small intimate family get-together. Only to his suprise - or not really too much surprise :) - a lot of people started showing up. Quite a few family and friends stopped by to celebrate and we had a great time. It was a beautiful day and we were all able to hang out outside and enjoy it. I have included a few pictures from the day. I think you are going to enjoy a few inparticular.

Lots of yummy food - and it was all gone by the end of the day!

Just hanging out in the back yard!

I caught them hugging out the yard - how cute!

Still has enough wind to blow out 50 candles :)

Can you believe he willingly posed for this picture???

Picture of the family!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eddie is 5 1/2 months old!

Ok I know this isn't like his birthday or anything, but I thought I would post a few pictures so that you can see how much he's grown! (And how adorable he is)!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Dining Room Light!

As some of you may know I have wanted to replace our old dining room light since shortly after we moved in, however Tim and I have not been able to agree on one, and this has been a point of contention during various conversations (...or arguments). This past weekend Tim and I finally found a light that we agreed on and I am very happy to say it looks great. I have the before and after pics to show you!

Old Light...bleh :(

New Light, oh so pretty :)

End of Busy Season and Eddie!

5. The present: Since March 16th my life has begun to improve haha. We were given St. Patty’s Day off so my co-workers and I went to Fado’s – an Irish Pub – at nearby Easton Town Center. We had a great time and it was a lot of fun!

Also, Tim and I have a new addition to our family, and his name is Eddie. He is one of Chloe's puppies and is a lot of fun! I think Tim is still getting used to having Eddie around, but I'm sure he'll come around, as soon as the potty training improves.

With spring right around the corner we will have plenty to blog about as we are planning on having several home improvements, and there are always things going on.

Celebrating St. Patty's Day

My little Eddie :)

Tim and Eddie hanging out on the couch...I bet you didn't think you would see this

Max and Eddie watching us eat on the screened in patio

Eating dinner with the Kimmet's (and Clouse's) on our back patio

Winter/Audit Busy Season

4. Mid January - Mid March: There's not much going on during these months except a whole lot of working! I worked on average 60 to 70 hours each work, topping the scale at about 85 during the 2nd week of March. I think Tim learned a lot during these months including laundry, cooking and missing me :) We also went to the NR Alumni Dance with two other couples and had a great time. This is one of the few social events I attended during the cold long hours of busy season. And if you can believe it, I actually got Tim to square dance with me, it was a lot of fun…and hard work! Mike and Stephanny called each other before work to coordinate :)
Be afraid Jenna (Look at that table, yikes!)

Jenni, Sara, and I before the NR Alumni Dance
Tim and I at the Alumni Dance

Square Dancing, can you believe I got Tim to actually square dance with me?!?!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Holidays

3. December: We had a lot going on with the holidays! As soon as we got back from Hawaii, it was only 2 weeks until Xmas and we had to get a lot of shopping done. Xmas was great and it was nice getting to relax and spend time with our family. Tim and I went out with some friends in Columbus to ring in the New Year. It was an all-inclusive all you can eat and drink dinner buffet and drinks at a bar near the OSU campus. We had a great time!

Christmas Eve at the Clouse House

Tim's Godparents Bob and Jane at the Clouse Xmas Party

Jeremiah and Rachel playing with the new skip-it toy at the Kuhlman Xmas

Attempting to get the truck to go up the homemade ramp
Happy 2009!
First New Year's as Clouse's

Beth, Mike and Josh ringing in the new year

Sara and Matt

Me and Sara posing for the camera :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updates - November/December

2. November: Where do I start? Well we had bachelor/bachelorette parties, our wedding and we left for our honeymoon in Maui! I can't believe it was 4 months ago already, but it was a great time! The first week of December was spent in paradise in Maui. Tim had his birthday on Dec. 5th and we got to hang out on the beach, next to crystal clear water in 80 degreee weather. For some reason I can't imagine next year will be quite as good...

Dinner with the girls at Mimi's Cafe

Don't ask...

The Kimmet Girls
Wine and Cheese Bachelorette Party

Emma and me right after we got our hair done

Ok, so I'm not always on time :)

Cutting the cake, it was gorgeous!
The whole Wedding Party, we finally made it!

Our hotel in Maui

Beautiful Beach

Tim's Birthday while we were at Maui

Tim Snorkeling