Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Updates - November/December

2. November: Where do I start? Well we had bachelor/bachelorette parties, our wedding and we left for our honeymoon in Maui! I can't believe it was 4 months ago already, but it was a great time! The first week of December was spent in paradise in Maui. Tim had his birthday on Dec. 5th and we got to hang out on the beach, next to crystal clear water in 80 degreee weather. For some reason I can't imagine next year will be quite as good...

Dinner with the girls at Mimi's Cafe

Don't ask...

The Kimmet Girls
Wine and Cheese Bachelorette Party

Emma and me right after we got our hair done

Ok, so I'm not always on time :)

Cutting the cake, it was gorgeous!
The whole Wedding Party, we finally made it!

Our hotel in Maui

Beautiful Beach

Tim's Birthday while we were at Maui

Tim Snorkeling

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