Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vacation to North Carolina and 4th of July!

Tim and I both took some vacation time at the end of June and decided on a road trip to North Carolina. I know with gas prices this might seem a little crazy, but we got great gas mileage and the trip was a ton of fun. We left right after work on Friday afternoon and traveled until 2 am when we finally made it to the coast of North Carolina. We were meeting Chris and Sonya there so we could spend time at the beach on Saturday. I will admit that Tim did the majority of the driving on the way down there as I had a terrible time staying awake. No worries though I made sure to make up for it by driving my share the rest of the trip!

Our day at the beach on Saturday was eventful and relaxing. We all swam in the ocean a bit and laid out to soak up some rays. At one point there was some commotion and we realized that someone had been fishing and caught a shark! It happened to be a rather large shark (at least 2 ½ feet!) and kind of looked like a hammerhead. The man could not get the hook out of its mouth so Tim, of course saved the day. He ran and got some pliers out of the car and was able to remove the hook.

After we left the beach we drove back to Fayetteville and got to check out Chris & Sonya’s new apartment- Sonya of course had it decorated very cute. Once back we relaxed and played cornhole and just hung out. Of course we had to take frequent time-outs to apply aloe vera, as Tim, Chris, and I were all VERY sunburned…ouch!

On Monday, we left to head north and stop at the Schreiner’s in Advance, NC. We stayed until Tuesday and during our stay we got to visit the Childress Vineyards and Winery (including a wine tasting), play a lot of Nintendo Wii, eat some good food, and play a couple great games of Horse Thief. Not to brag, but yours truly did happen to win one of the games. :)

Overall we had a great trip and were able to relax and hang out the rest of the 4th of July week and weekend.

Tim playing the Wii (he was a pro!)

Tim playing "clean-up" games with the Schreiner kids