Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Engagement Photos & Wine :)

Just wanted to let you all know that Tim and I got our engagement photos taken on Sunday. A classmate of ours, Laurie Bouillon, has started her own photography company and we decided to support her business and get our photos out of the way! So we went to the Tiffin Developmental Center and took a bunch of pictures outside. It turned out to be a pretty successful day and Laurie posted them on her website. Anyone that wants to check them out can go to http://www.lbportrait.com/ and click on "Galleries". From there you will see a link to Tim and Danielle where you will be able to view our photos. We haven't ordered any yet, so if anyone is interested in having any or has a favorite let me know!

Also quick note, I went to the annual Kimmet reunion this past weekend. Every year at the reunnion we have an auction of sorts where items are donated and then we bid against each other. There is a lot of fun competition and it helps to raise funds for the family. I decided to bid on a great item this year and after enduring a long bidding war with Kathy Spero, I finally won my prize. See picture below :)

Over the Last Month...

Ok, so over the last month a lot has happened (as usual) so I’ll just briefly go over what Tim and I have been up to.

Girls’ Day Out (Flower Girl Dress Shopping)
On July 18th Tanna and Emma came to Columbus (leaving the boys with Aunt Debbie for a day of swimming) to go flower girl dress shopping. I was very much looking forward to our day together and it turned out to be a very fun girls day. My mom and Aunt Sandy came along and we started out shopping at David’s Bridal. We picked out a few dresses for Emma to try on and of course she looked adorable in all of them. Emma went back for more and I think ended up trying on almost every flower girl dress they had. Her favorite part about trying the dresses on was the “mushroom effect”. She would fall to the ground and see how much the dress would poof up around her. We wound up stopping at one other dress shop and she was pretty much pooped at that point and when asked if she wanted to try on anymore dresses, she said no thank you. J We eventually made it to Easton and made a stop at Libby Lui’s where Emma got her first Hannah Montana t-shirt. My cousin Sarah met us there and we all ate a really yummy dinner at Brio. Overall it was a pretty long day that was a ton of fun. We’ll have to have more girls days real soon!

5 Year High School Class Reunion
Just days after my last post Tim and I had our 5-year class reunion. I had to help plan the event so with a lot of help from the other officers we pulled a great event together. A bunch of us got together on Saturday and went golfing which was a great time. I was on Tim’s team and we edged out the competition J. Later that evening we had dinner at Bubby’s and got to catch up with everyone. It really did turn out to be a lot of fun, and we ended the night sitting at J-Mack’s house passing around the homemade wine. A perfect ending to the reunion!

Wedding Planning/Updates
After the reunion I got right back to more wedding planning! I have been busy working on the invitations with A LOT of help from my family, especially Alicia who has done an awesome job in designing the invitations and my Dad who got the printer to work. My mom and I have also been working on decorations and flowers, so we have been over to Hobby Lobby and to Meadowbrook to get ideas for decorations. It was a big help going to Meadowbrook because it was set up for a wedding already by Special Occasions (our caterer) and Susie Tiell (our decorator). Tim was a good sport too and came along!