Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Engagement Photos & Wine :)

Just wanted to let you all know that Tim and I got our engagement photos taken on Sunday. A classmate of ours, Laurie Bouillon, has started her own photography company and we decided to support her business and get our photos out of the way! So we went to the Tiffin Developmental Center and took a bunch of pictures outside. It turned out to be a pretty successful day and Laurie posted them on her website. Anyone that wants to check them out can go to http://www.lbportrait.com/ and click on "Galleries". From there you will see a link to Tim and Danielle where you will be able to view our photos. We haven't ordered any yet, so if anyone is interested in having any or has a favorite let me know!

Also quick note, I went to the annual Kimmet reunion this past weekend. Every year at the reunnion we have an auction of sorts where items are donated and then we bid against each other. There is a lot of fun competition and it helps to raise funds for the family. I decided to bid on a great item this year and after enduring a long bidding war with Kathy Spero, I finally won my prize. See picture below :)

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Jilly said...

Danielle! Those photos are awesome!!! I like them all but the two that really stick out for me are the one where you're both leaning on the fence and the one where you're both standing, but slightly in front of the fence. ALL OF THEM are fantastic though!