Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday Luke & Logan

I know I already posted about the Luke & Logan turning 2, but thought I would send a huge thank you to all the family that helped to celebrate at their party. We don't have a ton of space to house our big families, so it was immediate family there to celebrate the two littles. We went with a school bus theme as they are obsessed with buses (and really anything with wheels) right now. They were very excited about the balloons and all the bus stuff :) I had some fun finding ideas on Pinterest, and my sister did a great job designing their banner. It's nice to have a party because it forces you to actually clean up your house, but I'm kinda glad we get to do their party together, one party is a lot easier than planning two separate ones!

They really enjoyed blowing out their birthday candles (I think we let them do it 3 times!). Luke was very shy at first and wouldn't do anything, but finally, when Logan blew Luke's candle out, he gained a little courage and decided to join in the fun. It always takes a little egging on from one twin to the other to get them convinced :)  After candles we dished out the cake an ice cream - the boys liked the icing the best. Since the party was in the afternoon, they started to get a little cranky so we moved on to opening their gifts. Since they are just two, they don't completely understand the idea of being gracious and thankful for gifts yet, so there was a lot of favoritism and throwing things around, but I think they had a good time opening gifts. This was good preparation for Christmas which is just around the corner. All the kids loved playing in the firetruck ball pit and let all the adults relax a bit after all the food, cake and ice cream. There was a lot of yummy food but wanted to share a quick recipe for the fruit dip that I made for the party. You can modify this dip however you want, but it's super yummy and a healthier version than the caramel dip! Also have some pictures below of all the decorations and fun!

Fluffy Peanut Butter Dip
original recipe
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter (natural if possible)
1 cup vanilla yogurt (you can use plain and add a little honey and vanilla if you want to limit the sugar)
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 container whipped topping (thawed)

Directions:In a mixing bowl, mix peanut butter, yogurt and cinnamon.  Fold or mix in whipped topping.  You can mix/blend it up if you want it to be creamy, or you can just lightly fold it in if you if you want it more airy and fluffy. Keep refrigerated in covered container. Serve with apples, grapes, strawberries and pineapple, or whichever fruit you enjoy!

Bus Party Decor!

Blowing out our candles!
Presents, so spoiled!

Love our family!

Friday, November 1, 2013

My babies are 2!

Well we have had a VERY busy October, sorry for no blogging, hopefully back to normal here in November...I mean there will be no more daylight so I should have plenty of time right? Except my children act like they are nocturnal. And while it irks me they have so much energy in the evening and go to bed so late, when they sleep in until 8 or 9 most mornings I remember it's not so bad :) So, I'll start out my November posts with info. about my now TWO-year old two little boys. I have lots to catch you up on with everything that went on, but here are some starters with what they little devils are up to now:

  • Luke Stats: 33 1/2" tall and 22 lbs 14 oz. (grew 3" and 2 pounds since 18 month check-up)
  • Logan Stats: 33 1/2" tall and 24 lbs 8 oz. (grew 3" and 2 pounds since 18 month check-up)
  • Learning & Activities: Such active little boys, always full of energy, running around all over, rarely take breaks; they love to use Tim's tools and try to use them correctly - mostly screw drivers and hammers; love to stack blocks, canned goods, whatever they can find; they still like to push things around like a mower and grocery cart. They also like to ride the little trikes we got them for their birthdays. They can't quite reach the pedals, but can walk around with their feet on them. They love the stone pile behind our barn, climbing it and throwing stones.They can say how old they are (two, while holding up 1 finger on each hand). Absolutely LOVE playing with trucks, tractors, trains, anything with wheels. Also like to hook up trains and haul things. 
  • Sleep patterns: Wake up between 8 and 9am, one afternoon nap about 2 hours after lunch and to bed in the evening between 9 and 10pm
  • Potty Training: Luke is doing great, very few accidents, wears big boy underpants all the time, except for during naps and at night
  • Teeth: They are working on getting their eye teeth, and it's been about a month now (they have been late teethers the whole way, and always take forever to come in) and have no signs of their two year molars, will likely be a few months until those come in
  • Language: LOTS of improvements in this area! They are finally starting to mimic us and have added to their vocabulary a ton! Their favorite word is still "Uh-Oh" and I hear this one a million times a day. But, they also are getting very good at Please and Thank you (nice little manners...sometimes), and say words like kitty, pumpkin, bye bye, bubbles, truck, tractor, cheese, and no no no no no. They also make cute noises - roaring like a tiger, semi-truck noise - honk honk, lots of giggles.
  • Good Behavior: as mentioned above, they are starting to say please and thank you. They kiss and hug and love on us. They also give kisses when they want something. They will hug each other and Luke especially tries to comfort Logan when he's said or upset
  • Bad Behavior: The biting has been better, they usually only bit if their teeth are really bothering them. Now, it's on to throwing. As soon as they don't get their way or they are frustrated, they pick up whatever is closest (fridge magnets, trucks, tractors, a potty chair, a grocery cart) and throw it. Their aim has gotten better lately too....
  • Twin Behavior: They can be so cute sometimes. They will try to sit on a chair together and play around with each other, hugging, chattering, talking in each other's faces; they hug occasionally, and just like to be in each other's company. They also get tired of each other sometimes are can be very competitive. If Luke wants something, Logan wants that same thing. The rare time that we do separate them and hang out with them individually, they are usually looking for the other one by the time it's Some days and hours I want to pull my hair out and runaway, but many times they just melt my heart...I don't remember what life was like before I had them, but I do know I wouldn't want it any other way :)

    Here are some pictures of my little guys from 2 years ago and a few over the last year: