Monday, February 2, 2015

Snow Day!

Quick update on this snowy/icy/cold day. We had a blast yesterday playing outside in the snow. It was the perfect packing snow and it was actually pretty warm outside. The boys enjoyed sledding down some small hills at our place, and "helping" to build our first snowman together. I took a few shots of the house as well. The entire front and sides of the house look are finished and look great (other than the posts for the front porch which we'll put in when it warms up this spring). The back of the house will be finished later this summer once we are moved in. We are going to be getting insulation and dry wall in the next few weeks and can't wait to see how different it will look once that is done. Tim has been working hard (and thinking alot) on putting in the electrical and the plumbing. We have gone back and forth on where to put various light switches, outlets, etc etc. There is so much to think about when building a house! On that note, we are also finalizing all the kitchen and cabinets throughout the house. We have been making lots of little changes and tweaks to the plans and can't wait to see how it all turns out! I'll post some updated house pics in a few weeks once the insulation and drywall are in! Hopefully you are all staying warm!

Back of the house
Front of the house