Monday, July 30, 2012

We're crawling....kind of :)

It's been a busy July! While the boys have yet to get any teeth (I swear they're coming soon :)), they have been very busy! We celebrated Michaela's 5th birthday (time really does fly!), swimming on the 4th of July, went to visit Chris and Sonya at their new house in Cleveland, and got see our cousin Athen (home from Texas) and celebrate Nathan and Lauren getting married. We also found out that we are going to have a new addition to our family, as Chris and Sonya are expecting their first little one next February. The boys turned 9 months old, and they have both been working really hard on crawling.

At the boy's 9 month doctor's appt., Logan was 19 1/2 pounds and about 25 - 50 percentile on height and weight. Luke came in a little bit smaller at almost 18 pounds, and in the 10 -25 percentile on height and weight. Logan has been kind of crawling for several weeks now, kind of like the worm. He is up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth, then he would go down onto his belly, scoot forward, and then go back up again. This weekend, he finally seemed to get the hang of actual hands and knees crawling! And he's going much faster. Luke is just a little bit behind where he is scooting around, trying to crawl, and then gets really frustrated and buries his head in the carpet. He is definitely not far behind though. I can't believe (for the thousandth time) how big my little boys are getting. They are growing and learning something new everyday! Being parents to these two little guys has been the best thing in our lives. We are loving every minute of it! (except for maybe the times we are up with one boy or both, at 2 am in the morning :) That's what we get for having almost 4 solid months of all-night sleeping! Either way, having twin boys has been amazing!

Happy 5th Birthday Michaela!

Cute little cousins, much bigger than the last time they were all on this couch!

Swimming on the 4th of July

Aunt Alicia and Luke

With our cousin Athen, home from Texas

Luke helping out with Chris and Sonya's big announcement

Congratulations Chris and Sonya, very excited for the little one arriving in February 2013

Logan is a very Determined crawler

Luke Still working on it.... :)

Standing on our own in the crib, cracking up at Daddy

Luke backed his way under the table, and is a gigglebox 
Sleepy little superhero

Curious Logan, always after something