Monday, September 15, 2008

Cleveland Indians and High Winds

So yesterday Tim and I traveled up to Cleveland to see the Indians play. It was a really nice day out, albeit a little hot but we had a good time. Our seats were great and they got better as the game progressed to the point where at the end of the game we were sitting directly behind the visitors’ dugout in the front row. Alas, the Indians did not fare well and the ending score was 3 to 13. Oh well, it was still a fun outing for the day.

As we were leaving the game a storm started rolling in and while there was no rain, it was VERY windy on the way home. Winds averaged 40 to 50 mph with gusts up to 75! It was a little bit of a challenge to keep the car within the dotted lines, but we succeeded. We stopped at one point to eat at Applebee’s, however before we got our food the electricity went out, so we had to leave early without having much to eat!

When we got home, it was definitely a sight to see. As we go close we noticed all traffic lights in the area were out and billboards and signs were all blown over and damaged. As we entered our neighborhood there were trees down and branches everywhere! We were happy to see that our home had been spared but the yard was a mess! I have included a few pictures to show several large trees and houses close by that did not fare so well. We currently don’t have electricity along with about 350,000 other people in Central Ohio. So hopefully it doesn’t take all week like they have predicted to come back on. Until then we will live by candlelight J (Tim does have the generator running to keep our refrigerator and freezer running and keep a lamp on in the house!)

Wedding Gift Registries

Hey, anyone that really wants to know, Tim and I have finally registered for the wedding. It was fun but not without a few mishaps along the way. Just one story about it. When we went to register for Kohl’s we spent about 2 hours there and when we finally went to upload everything we had scanned, nothing uploaded. Soooo, we had left, very frustrated with only 5 things on the registries. I eventually went online and signed up for a few things and spent another hour or so in the store, but that first time was a huge waste of time! I have included links to each of the registries below. Please let anyone know that asks. Thanks!

Bed Bath & Beyond

Crate & Barrel