Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well, for those of you who have not heard, Tim and I found out on Wednesday that we are expecting boys! Well, actually the way the babies are laying, the 2nd baby played hard to get, so we know for sure that we are having one boy. However, the doctor assured me he was very certain we are having identical twings, so as long as we could tell with one, (which he could), we know we are having two boys. :) Very exciting! I have included a few ultrasound pictures and one a baby bump pic or two. It looks like on the pics, the estimated weight of each baby is about 8 and 9 oz., and based on measurements they are very close in size, with one being slightly smaller than the other. We should get another ultrasound in a few weeks, so I'll probably keep posting pics as they come!

Birds' Eye View of the tops of their heads

One baby looking right at us!
Side view of one baby - you can see the spine very good in this one
19 Weeks - right after we found out what we were having! 18 Weeks