Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Holidays

3. December: We had a lot going on with the holidays! As soon as we got back from Hawaii, it was only 2 weeks until Xmas and we had to get a lot of shopping done. Xmas was great and it was nice getting to relax and spend time with our family. Tim and I went out with some friends in Columbus to ring in the New Year. It was an all-inclusive all you can eat and drink dinner buffet and drinks at a bar near the OSU campus. We had a great time!

Christmas Eve at the Clouse House

Tim's Godparents Bob and Jane at the Clouse Xmas Party

Jeremiah and Rachel playing with the new skip-it toy at the Kuhlman Xmas

Attempting to get the truck to go up the homemade ramp
Happy 2009!
First New Year's as Clouse's

Beth, Mike and Josh ringing in the new year

Sara and Matt

Me and Sara posing for the camera :)


Steve and Sharon said...

Excellent! I thought maybe it was an April Fools joke at first....

I hope you're having a great day!

Love, Dad

Tanna said...

Wow - I thought we were slow updating our blog.

hurdlegurly0712 said...

Very cute pictures =) I'm quite excited to run this 5k now! Talk to you this weekend

Love, Britt