Monday, June 1, 2009

Tim had some time off....

Tim recently had a little break between jobs at work, so he took off almost 2 weeks and worked hard to complete several projects around the house. He decided to put in a small 12 x 12 building in the back yard to help out our poor garage. We are currently trying to store lawn mowers, bikes, tools, etc in the garage and there is no room for a car or truck. So, this was on the top of Tim's home improvement list. It looks great and we are finally able to fit a his truck in the garage!

During the rainy days when he wasn't working outside, Tim decided to also replace the bath tub/shower in our one and only bathroom. The previous shower had very old, small tile on the walls, a cast iron tub, and glass doors. We opted for a new shower/tub combo with no glass door. Tim had to replace some dry wall, so we have also decided to paint the walls a new color. Here is the old and new bathroom!

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