Thursday, April 11, 2013

Words...who needs them?

Well after a rough start to our week last week, things have been improving! The boys did seem to pick up a cough though over the weekend, so I'm hoping the weather keeps getting warmer so we can rid of all these nasty germs! But their moods have improved and that makes everyone happier at home! The weather was beautiful last weekend and the boys love spending time outside! They like to swing, watch the animals in our neighborhood - geese, ducks, squirrels, dogs - and really enjoy exploring. We even went on a walk with the stroller this weekend and they decided they would rather walk on their own. It was a rather slow walk with alot of attempts to go off the paths, but they loved it!

Luke and Logan are almost 18 months old now and they really understand us and can follow a lot of simple commands such as sit down, go get your shoes, give that to Daddy, say hi, go get your jammies, go to timeout (this one is kind of funny to see), among many others. However, they have been stubbornly avoiding words. We work on animal noises and names, read lots of books and I make sure to talk to them and describe what I'm doing a lot of the time (even at the grocery store, which can feel a little silly sometime, like I'm having a one sided conversation :) )  but they really only say mama, dada, hi, and their favorite word, uh-oh. We hear uh-oh many times a day. They also do a little bit of sign language as well, they sigh when they want "more please" and also when they are are "all done". But I think we finally had a break-through last weekend! We were outside and I was yelling at Eddie to get out of the neighbors yard and Luke just yells out "Ed-day" clear as day! I was so excited for him as we have been working on getting them to say Eddie forever. He said it a few more times that day so, fingers crossed, we might be starting to say more! I'm sure they'll pick it all up with time, so just excited at every little and it milestone!!

Here are some pictures from our fun filled weekend!

Little peeps...I want to touch them, but am a little scared to get any closer
Aww, so soft, thanks for letting me pet the peep Grammie

Sleepy boys

Crazy hair

Fun times outside playing!

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Alicia said...

That's exciting that their getting closer to more words! I love all the pics and can't wait to see all of you in like a week!!!!