Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And this is how our day went....

Well - yesterday was a challenge for us here at home. I believe both boys are teething, however, Logan seems to be taking this pretty hard and has been very fussy/upset throughout the day. He was also this way on Easter Sunday, oh the joy :). But the poor little guy gets upset about pretty much anything. In the first video he is apparently upset that I'm holding Luke in my lap. I tried to hold both of them, but he got angry and push off of me and is now just sitting there next to me very upset...that is until Baby Einstein saves the day! (By the way, I showed Logan the video of himself crying later on in the day and he was entranced...I think he wasn't sure how he could see himself in the video :) )

And then, later on in the afternoon we were lucky enough to get a reprieve and they actually spent a few minutes playing together!

And then the whole night went down the tubes, and there was ALOT of crying fits. I even invited Uncle Eric over as a reinforcement until Daddy could get home. I think I owe him more than the dinner he had while he was there....oh well my sanity was in jeopardy! I wouldn't want to favor one child over the other so I have another video of Luke throwing a fit below.

We ended up giving the boys a few bottles (their only source of comfort since they don't use pacifiers or have a favorite blanket or toy that they use to soothe) and later on went to bed. It was then blissfully quiet. Thankfully! I'm sure (maybe hoping...) that the next few days will be better!

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Alicia said...

Sounds like a little bit of a rough day but glad Eric could come help your sanity and it sounds like the boys were better the next day! Maybe they're just missing their aunt Alicia and you should let them know I'll be in NR in a few weeks so they can see me then!