Monday, April 8, 2013

Luke the great!

Luke is a little lover, he definitely loves to hug and kiss and climb on your lap, especially to read books :) But this past week, He turned a dark corner...and gave Tim a shiner! Uh-oh as the boys would say!

Well Tim was laying on the living room floor playing with the boys after dinner (as usual) and Luke took a dive on top of him to give him a big hug. Unfortunately he miscalculated and bonked his head into Tim's brow bone. Now, I will have to admit I blew it off at first. The boys are always rough housing and can tussle around so I figured Tim was just overreacting. But, he wasn't. It had a big bump on it by the end of the night, and over the next 2 days it got worse and worse. It turned dark purple/black and even looked like someone had used a sharpie marker on his eyelid. Oops. Well, it seems to finally be getting better today, so lesson learned, they are tough little boys. Luke escaped from this incident completely unharmed! So we must add prize fighter to his resume of talents :)

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