Friday, May 10, 2013

18 Months and Growing!

My little men are now 18 months old! I can't believe we are well on our way to the terrible twos...well the tantrums have already started, does that mean they will end earlier as well??  We had out 18 month pictures with my cousins' wife Stephanie Metzger (Stephanie's Creations Photography). She does a great job as it is definitely a challenge to get two very active little boys to look at the camera and smile.  Overall, the boys are moving right along, developing and doing new things each day. They are starting to get very rowdy and ornery as well. They like to tackle each other and me and their dad, but they have a propensity to pull hair...hard. We've resorted to having isolated time-outs in their cribs when they pull hair, because the light time-out in the hall-way results in giggles and no lessons learned. As I mentioned in my previous post they don't say many words. They can now say Eddie and they attempt to say the words Hi Duck and Hi Dad. As many of you know we have many geese in our neighborhood and they LOVE them. So I call them ducks with hopes they will start saying the word duck...and I like ducks more than geese :) Also a recent development is they now bump fists if you say "bust em" :) It's super cute!  One thing that I am struggling with is letting them feed themselves with a spoon/fork. They really like to but they aren't very efficient at it :) So they get bored/tire and decide to stop eating before they finish their food. If I feed them, then I can quickly shovel it in and they can be on their way back to playing. It's also cleaner. But, I'm working on letting go....even if it's hard....Love my littles, enjoy the pictures!

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