Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Vacation(s)

Since the February 2011 I have been on two trips - a cruise to the Bahamas and a short weekend in DC for family weekend. So, I have been missing my vacations! Solution: I have taken 2 trips in the last month, both ALOT of fun! Overall, it's led to a pretty busy month and putting off unpacking/cleaning up ouir new place (more to come on this in a post next week!), however, it's been a nice break from the craziness we have going on our lives! In early July, my parents and I took Luke and Logan on a trip to visit my family that live in North Carolina. My first cousin, her husband, and three wonderul children were the best hosts!

We had to drive abour 8 hours one way to get there, and we chose to do so during the day, which looking back...was an OK decision ;) Overall the boys did well in the car, but they did have bouts of shrieking and my dad even had to put in some ear plugs a few times. But, we did have 2 ipads to keep them entertained so that helped as well. We arrived and spent the week just hanging out, eating delicious meals prepared by my cousin (she's a GREAT cook!) and took a few a small day trips to the water park, costco, and a small zoo/amusement park. Overall, we had a blast, but it was probably one day too long for the little guys, as they didn't sleep well there and had several meltdowns throughout. Oh, well, lessons learned! Either way, it was nice to visit and relax with family and kind of fun to get away!








The 2nd trip I took was a girls weekend to Virginia to visit my sister. My mom, other sister and I drove to Virginia on a Friday and stayed through Monday morning. There are so many yummy places to eat in the Virginia/DC area! I definitely indulged a bit, which has lead to my strict clean eating/cleanse going on currently (I really needed it after the sugar overload I have had recently!). We also, took a little trip to several Virginia wineries which was so great! I found out I really like Chardonnay and there were several dry reds I enjoyed as well. We also, made sure to squeeze in some quality exercising, so we tried out aspin studio that I think my sister will be going back to and went to a flow yoga class at the studio she has a membership to. These were new experiences for my mom, and I think she enjoyed trying out something new. The weekend away from all my boys was kind of a nice way to relax and take a breather. As I have mentioned before, they keep me very busy and always moving, so having just a little break was nice. Here are some pics from travels!







Souvenir for the little guys :)

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