Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Settling In.....

So, we are now moved and settled into our new place! It's kind of crazy but it's been over a month and half already! Things have been busy as usual, coupled with the vacations we have been on and trying to wrap up a few work projects, not much time to organize. So that's my next goal :) But, I have included a few pictures from our move in late June and some updated pictures of some of the projects Tim has been working on at the house! He has been SO busy getting our interim lodging in good shape and trying to get things ready to build our new house. I am so excited for the new house, but not excited for all the work it's going to be. And, I'm not even the one that will be doing most of the manual labor. I know that Tim will be really busy and under stress with work, and the house during the next 6 to 9 months, so I will do my best to keep the peace with the little guys so he can keep moving along. So, I'm excited, but just ready to have it done already....or started at least :)

Actually, we are making good progress right now with getting the building site ready. We had a total of 7 buildings on the property when we moved here, and our intention is to only have two left evenutally. So, Tim has already taken down two buildings, a neighbor took one across the field (see pics below, it was crazy!) and is waiting on a few people to pick up two more. We have had so much rain, that it has been difficult to get the buildings moved. With the constant rain we have had lately, some of this has been postponed several weeks. Who knew July and August would seem like April and May? Hopefully that means we'll have a dry fall which would be perfect for building! There is one building still scheduled to go this weekend, and then the last little building to be moved is small and out of the way, so that one is not a huge rush. There have been a few bonfires and lots of help from Tim's Dad and brother (and a few others have stopped by to pitch in along the way) to get things moving here. Once the buildings are moved Tim can work on putting the driveway in. We are also finalizing the house plans so once that is complete, then the next step would be to dig the basement. We are hoping to have that project underway soon! I've included a few demolotion pictures below as well to show some of the progress!




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