Thursday, November 1, 2012

The kinds of "toys" we like

Luke & Logan - while enjoy playing with the toys we buy them, really enjoy playing with "non-toys". This can be a variety of things such as bottles, bottle caps, empty gallon jugs, empty boxes, balloons, remote controls, etc, etc. Here are some pics of the boys loving their non-traditional toys :)

Empty Gallon Jug


Crawling around with clothing in our mouth

Tissue boxes

Vacuum Cleaner  - we LOVE this!

climbing in our high chair seats - we also love to do this with our car seats

Love boxes!

TECHNOLOGY - can't get enough of ipads, cell phones, etc

Good old remote controls, fan favorite

clothes bin

newspaper adds
Luke loves to climb in things! (cute little face he does for us!)

Sunglasses (Logan's cheese face :))

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