Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luke & Logan turned 1!

I can’t believe my little itty bitty boys turned on year old on October 21st! It is amazing to me that a whole year has passed! They were such little guys when they were born, and my how they have developed since then! They are so active and busy these days, it’s hard to remember how things were a year ago! Here are a few pictures of way when last October/November 2011:

About 2 hours before I gave birth..yikes!

Luke - 1 Day old

Luke Eating!

Daddy and Luke time - kangarooing

Logan - my little trooper!

1st picture together - 1 week old

Logan eating in full Buckeye Spirit!

Going Home from the Hospital - we are very little, but very ready to get out of this place!

First stretch once we got home!

All bundled up

Hanging out with Mommy

My little pint-sized monsters

Loving each other

Very proud papa

We also had a very fun 1st birthday party for the boys. We had close family share in their big day! We went with a sesame street theme and the cupcakes turned out great! I would like to thank Tim, my mom, my sisters and everyone else that helped make the decorations and the food for their big day. They ended up having a lot fun playing with their cousins and the balloons we had. They didn’t tear into their cakes too much, but Luke is definitely more of the sweet tooth out of the two! Overall it was a great first birthday and I’m sure it will be hard to top next year!
Birthday festivities - blowing out candles, eating cake, opening presents and of course very tired and relaxing on their new couch at the end of the day!

The boys had a lot of fun with their cousins and all the balloons and toys!

We LOVE our family - Thank you for everything!!

All the fun Sesame Street Decorations (and the smash cakes - can you see the hand print in the chocolate one?)

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