Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We're Buiding a House?!?!

So, I have finally had a few minutes to get some pictures ready to show you the progress on the house! I have included various pics below, including family and friends that have helped us out and some collage photos of our progress from the beginning of June to late July. We started on June 2nd and at this point we are almost done shingling the roof. The boys have LOVED all the trucks, lifts, loaders, tractors, etc that have been over and they like to ride their bikes and powerwheels in the "new house". Tim has been super busy as almost every night he is out at the house working after he gets home from his job, and usually out at the house on the weekends as well. I have done my best to be supportive and can't thank family and friends enough for the support and help with the boys when I want to escape to a volleyball game, or spend a little time away. Overall, I'm very excited about the progress and I'll try to update you all as we keep moving along....however, I hear once the outside of the house is about done, the inside part takes a lot longer, and you don't "see" the progress as readily as when putting the walls up and roof on. Either way, I'm going to work on being as patient and understanding as possible and know that it will be over before we know it and we will be moving in! 

Luke was the best helper for Pa-Pa!

Pumper Truck

Tarring the basement walls

Pre-basement pour

Ray welding the beam


Tim going over the plans

View from the basement window

Pants optional

Loving Uncle Jason

Luke & Adalyn

All the Clouse Grandkids playing King of the hill

Late Night Work

Ray & Tim Shingling

My boys
Front View from the Road, starting in June through middle of July
View of the back of thouse house from the top of the hill
View from the Barn Roof
Back of the House

Garage Side of the house

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