Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our First Home

So, I have posted several times about the land we bought, the house plans, etc, but I haven't talked much lately about what has been going on with our house in Columbus. That is because I didn't want to jinx it! We took our good old time getting it ready for sale and finally decided to list with a realtor in August so we could hopefully (fingers crossed!) quickly get rid of it and get our equity back to put into our new home. So, we listed it, and then two days later I get a call from the realtor and he says that we have an offer! Already?!?! Well, they came in pretty low, so I wasn't too hopeful, but we ended up getting close to what we were asking and moved into contract. So we have been going through all the motions, appraisals, FHA loans, inspections, repairs, etc, and finally we were just waiting for the closing date on October 4th. I was nervous, as you never know what might happen between now and then.

I got a call from our realtor on Tuesday asking if we could move the closing up to Wednesday....of this week! Whoa...that was quick and unexpected! So we rearranged our schedules and left early Wednesday morning for Columbus so we could make sure there wasn't anything else we had left at the house before we it was finally sold. It was a little sad to know that is the last time we will get to walk through our first home together. We bought that house and it was our own little adventure. Tim was moving to Columbus (a huge step for him!) and it was where we started our lives together. It's also where we remodeled the spare room into a nursery and brought our brand new baby boys home to. They grew up for the first year and half of their life there and we really made so many memories together there as a family!! So, needless to say, even though I'm super excited for our new house and all the land we have, I still felt sentimental about leaving our first home. So, here are a few flashback pics of our house and a few pictures from the day of our closing, the last day we were there! Good news, all went smoothly and we officially sold our home as of noon today, and I just checked (11:30pm on 9/19) and the money is in the bank, so to speak! So, onto bigger and better things, but I will always remember that home with many very happy memories!!
Last photo in front of our first home

Logan's Monkey

Luke's Monkeys

Pending...and SOLD!

Front view of our home

Note to the seller...we were definitely attached to our house and want the next owners to love it as much as we did!

One thing we did not like about the house, all the GEESE!

Back view

Village of Minerva Park - where we called home for 5+ years

Locking up the last time!

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Great post. I'm so glad you have so many good memories from your first home. Makes me as a parent very proud.your post brought tears to my eyes. Love you mom.