Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Update – what have we been up to?

Well we are at the beginning of September, and well into the 2nd trimester and things are good. We are working on stuff around the house and putting stuff together in the babies’ room. We just got both cribs in and put together, but I’m going to wait until the nursery is set up to post any pictures on here. So, since things are great, I have been trying to do some different things around Columbus, the house etc. Last weekend, Brittany, Sonya, Mom and I all went to an ice-cream making demonstration class put on by Jeni – the famous ice cream shop here in Columbus. It was really fun to watch her make the ice cream and learn from somebody that is that good at it! Also, Brittany has been experimenting with making different kinds of Jeni’s ice cream, so she walked up and got to volunteer to help make the ice cream right next to Jeni. See pictures below! And for those of you that want a baby update, I am at about 26 weeks along and the boys are now approaching 2 pounds each and have developed a pretty good ability to hear. This means that they actually do recognize your voice when they are born! They are also moving around quite a bit!

Brittany making some ice cream with Jeni!

We all got to have our books signed and meet her, it was great!

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