Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snowstorm 2008

We have been working on the house in Columbus ever since we closed in January and we are finally getting to a point where the rooms are coming together. Last weekend we worked on refinishing the wood floors in the bedroom and the dining room. Andy, Lori and Michaela came down to visit and the boys worked hard and got ALOT done. So after a week of letting the new floors dry, we wanted to get all the furniture moved in this weekend and get the house put together. So of course, we had 12 inches of snow this weekend! But, Tim came down to the house early on Friday afternoon so that we could get a lot done on the house, and to beat all the snow.

So, with all of the snow, we got to work and put all the furniture in the rooms. Tim also worked on the bathroom and put the new floor in. While we were waiting on the glue to dry in the bathroom, we shoveled all the snow out of the driveway and then after we had spent about 5 hours without a toilet (due to finishing the bathroom floor). Which means, we decided to brave the snow to head to Meijer's for some groceries and a trip to the bathroom :)

We finally got everything put back together including the toilet, so the house is coming together and is really starting to feel like home. See all the before and after pictures below!

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After


Sonya said...

The work on the house looks awesome! The floors are beautiful and all the work the guys put into it shows, good job Tim! I can't wait to see it in person in a week or so. Chris and I will probably stop in after skiing on our way home.

Tanna said...

WOW! The house looks AWESOME! I can't wait to see it in person. I promise, we WILL make it to OH before the wedding!
I have to tell you, Jack looked at the picture of Tim in the front of the house with all of the snow and said, "YIKES!". No prompting from anyone. I just cracked up. I'm not sure if the comment was in reference to all of the snow or seeing Tim. :)
Keep sharing news and pictures - we love it!